Tuesday, April 21, 2009

movies on movie editing.

i thought it was totally cool how they never really even did all that stuff for spy kids. it seems so real when you watch it buts its only mostly special effects. I'd love to learn how to do that. and know that much about technology and how interesting it is to actually do all that stuff. and it would be cool and interesting to meet all the cool people that already do all that that i might have already heard of.

3 things i wanna learn in school are. . .

i would like to learn more about history because it fascinates me about everything that has happened in the time the earth has been here. 2nd i would like to learn more about technology because it such a big part of the world today and it would be nice and useful to know how to use and do things with it. and 3rd i would like to learn about sciences of all kinds. i love science and how it works. you never know what your gonna get with science.

digital imaging.

i learned to take better digital images by not using one hand while taking a photograph and make sure the lightings right, position yourself right, get at a good angle and stand very still.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my imovie plans are. . .

i plan to use my imovie to interview my hero. and that would be my uncle chuck. he works with technology and music and he used to be a d.j. and i plan to interview him over easter break. and i am going to ask him what he gets paid and what he does everyday and what someone that is interested in this job needs to do and what classes to take in school

Jordon Peterson

i thought he was interesting and i learned a lot from watching him. he inspired me to experiment and try to learn more using Garage Band.